Buying Guide to get the Best Ceiling Fan for your Home

ceiling fans accessories

Most of us are very particular about are homes from lights, curtains, furniture, paintings, decor accessories and the list goes on and on. People like to invest a lot of money on stuff like this. But we often tend to forget our ceiling fans. With so many options available in the market how can you ignore it? From ceiling fans to lighting fans there are zillions of options. Nowadays you can even go for ceiling fan accessories part and make the best out of your ceiling fan. Isn’t that an amazing way to enhance its look?

To be honest with these wide ranges of fans available it can be quite overwhelming to buy the right kind of ceiling fan. After all, it is going to hang their longer than you might think so why not invest in the best one. But before you run out to buy one let us discuss few things you must consider while choosing a ceiling fan for your home.

  •  Size of the Fan

Isn’t that the first thing you would consider while buying a ceiling fan? This basically refers to the diameter of the fan. Bigger rooms need bigger fans. Often manufacturer would give you a size chart and you can choose from there.

  • Motor and Blade Pitch

A motor is the most important part of a ceiling fan as it determines the efficiency of the fan. If you are investing a lot of money on a fan makes sure that the fan has a premium quality motor. For blade pitch, the higher the pitch, more air it will blow. So, while buying the ceiling fan consider the size of the room. You definitely do not need larger fans for smaller rooms.

  • Style and design

A ceiling fan can accentuate the overall look of your room. A ceiling fan is not just a functional property but it also adds an X-factor to the overall decor of the room. Choose a fan that goes with the style and design of your room as it will enhance the look of your room. You can even use ceiling fan accessories parts like ceiling fan light kits, decorative accessories for a chic and classy look.

  •  Energy Efficiency

Ceiling fans that have energy efficiency stars are 20% more efficient than the ones that don’t. Models that include light options are about 60% more efficient than normal ceiling fans. Make sure to look at the watts mentioned on the fan as it will indicate the amount of energy required to run the fan. Anything lesser than 70 watts is a great option.

  • Ceiling Fan as an Investment

Investing in a good ceiling fan is not a bad option just making sure you are giving the right price for the specific model. A great designed fan will not only provide cool breeze in summers but also remove the warm air all around the winters. Using ceiling fans can save a lot of energy as well as money and at the same time be an exclusive part of your snazzy lifestyle.


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