Top 4 Lights that Work Best for Outdoor Sets and Activities

Outdoor Work Lights

Outdoor lights are very important if you are shooting outdoors and also when you have outdoor activities. Nearly everything from videos to pictures depends on the quality of lighting. Outdoor lights can add that added ‘wow factor’ to the ambiance of the place and at the same time, it provides a sense of safety and security too. There are a number of options available for outdoor work lights from where you can choose as per your need.

These lights are budget-friendly, durable, and versatile. So, you do not have to worry about the outdoor conditions. You can switch to daylight balanced bulbs for daytime use, which makes them a must-have for every outdoor shoot, event or activity. These outdoor lights can be easily placed on a pole or on a light stand or any place of your choice. Some of the best lights for outdoor activities offer good lighting at the most reasonable price. Let’s have a look at some of these options.

  • Outdoor Work Lights

These lights are very common especially for outdoor works and can be easily bought from any hardware store in $30 or even less. These lights offer some of the best lighting effects in the market and can be widely used for every outdoor activity. These lights are available in tungsten or with daylight adjusting bulbs which makes them quite flexible. Their strong lighting effects make them the most reliable and versatile option for night exteriors. These lights can be used for countless activities that demand excellent lighting.

  • China ball lights

China ball lights are a great option to create that soft lighting outdoors. China balls are unique in their own way as they project a soft diffused light in all possible directions. You can find these lights at home décor stores or in furniture stores. The soft light that is projected by these china balls can be used as a great lighting system for the background as the light emitted is extremely adjustable. For the daytime use, you can easily adjust the bulbs according to the light needed. This makes them extremely popular and versatile for use. Most china balls are made from paper but to make it more tough and resilient you can go for professional or heavy duty version of the same.

  • Clamped Flood Lights

The traditional old fashioned floodlights have been used invariably for outdoor events, shoots, and activities. These lights are quite cheap and can be easily purchased from a hardware store. This lighting system offers great output at a very cheap price. You can use either single flood light or combine multiple lights for better illumination according to your requirement.

  • LED Folding Lanterns

These lightnings are quite new to the world of lights and can be purchased from a supply store or from your nearest Walt-Mart store. These lights are generally used for activities like camping as it lightens a relatively darker place especially during the night time. The lighting of the LED lanterns is quite brilliant. They are best suited to use as a fill light or as a soft key because they do an amazing job in lighting up the skin tone and brightening the face in the most natural way.


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